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Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Saturday, November 14, 2015

How to Tame Your Inner~Dragons


Each of us wrestles with fear based beliefs that threaten our sense of inner peace.  This sense is found at the nexus where our dominant beliefs and feelings are found.

For this discussion, let us employ the term 'thought dragons' to provide us with a common phrase that is meant to depict areas where concerns surface, in our consciousness.

These 'thought dragons', unchecked, will challenge you to stay aligned with your authentic self; the true source of your true power.

Your permission to live from your true nature and continual focus upon your sense of inner peace will place you in vibrational alignment with the loving energy of your authentic self.

  By its nature, this alignment empowers you to challenge the fear based and false beliefs which have populated within. The source of these faux beliefs is the continual social conditioning you receive, from birth. Society seeks your compliance and dependence upon the dominant social structures of culture.

These socially conditioned beliefs are designed to get you to assimilate to the social models of your existing culture and to the belief that "resistance is futile". 

The Star Trek franchise uses the idea of 'hive-mind', The Borg, to bring this concept into the public awareness. This idea of collective thinking is the basis for how social conditioning effects your individual thought process and thus your happiness.

Within this thought context is found the notion that individual differences do not matter;  that only the collective agreements of culture are to be recognized and allowed.

Thus, the notion of diversity has become a concept with no true connection to the societal lexicon of 'approved thought'.

This collective thought or social conditioning disallows the beauty of your uniqueness to be expressed. Yet, you were created to express from this uniqueness; to add your perspectives to what is our evolving field of consciousness.

How, you might inquire, will I be able to rise above this hive-mind thinking to express from the beauty of your authentic self?

Perhaps it is through this notion:

(Noela Evans is the author of Meditations for the Passages and Celebrations of Life: A Book, 1994)

Three keys to taming your inner dragons include:

  • To acknowledge and align with your authentic self and it's unique vibrational frequency through meditation upon source energy within.
  • To focus upon unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and others.
  • To accept and embrace your 'gut feelings'; inner knowing.

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