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Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The World is Awakening; as are you!

What does it mean when I say; the world is awakening?

Renown futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard expressed this notion:

"Once again a new world view is arising ... This idea is the culmination of all human history. It holds the promise of fulfilling the great aspirations of the past and heralds the advent of the next phase of our evolution. It is the idea of conscious evolution." 

 Neale Donald Walsch, American writer, spiritual teacher and author of Conservasions with God states it this way:

"A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation."

Merriam~Webster dictionary defines consciousness as "the upper part of mental life of which the person is aware as contrasted with unconscious process."

When you awaken to what is natural and authentic you see your world from a different perspective than what your conditioned mind has led you to observe.

Many of my former posts here spoke to how we, as humans, have become conditioned, through cultural and environmental processes that push us away from what is to what has become socially acceptable.

Through this ongoing process we lose our identify with authentic self and our interconnected world.

Ego expresses through fear~based notions and love expresses as deep connection to all that is.

Global awakening is the movement from the fear~based paradigm to the love~based paradigm that is emerging at this time.

When you are vibrationally aligned with the flow of love energy your life benefits in myriad ways including the strengthening of your inner~divine soul connection.