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Occupy Yourself

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome to Your YOUniverse

Welcome fellow traveler to a search for meaning. For this post, we will explore what Bashar, a channeled being of extraterrestrial origin, calls the YOUniverse. "You are creating your version of everything you experience so that you are able to relate to it; your YOUniverse." ~Bashar

'You are the "you" niverse…the "you" niverse is only made up of "you", and that's all you'll ever find in your particular "you" niverse…is you, your expression of the Infinite.' ~Bashar

What Bashar calls your YOUniverse is your point of entry or portal to awareness of all that is.

We each have "lenses of perception"; these lenses color our view of what we experience by limiting our perceptions of the field of infinite possibility by imposing the limitations defined by our individual belief system.

Social conditioning is one of the vehicles through which we develop our perceptional preferences.

The social groups we are exposed to, beginning as a child, craft our individual perceptions or our "view of the world."

The greater our social conditioning influences; the more we view our experience through lenses of distorted special~interest belief systems, that  move us away from inner~direction to outer~direction. 

What are you able to do to move your perception away from your social conditioning and back to authentic thought which is where you began at your birth?

A central core key to reclaiming your authentic life is self~trust; a do-it-yourself exercise. And, one you are very capable of achieving through your inner-resources.

"The world can only change from within." ~Eckhart Tolle

And you are the one and only true influence upon the direction your life will take. May sure your life choices are affirming of the best life has to offer and what is authentic for you.

 As you view the  Bashar video on YOUniverse below; please consider the following:

  • What in my life and thoughts reflects the authentic me?
  • What aptitudes do I possess that come to me naturally and effortlessly?
  • What activities did I enjoy most as a child?

"You are an aperture through which the Universe is looking at and exploring itself!"

 Your YOUniverse is also the portal through which you explore all aspects of the universe; through a lens which provides you with the perspective that only you need to make sense of your experience.

"Do you understand that there is only one thing to discover in the unknown and that is more of yourself? ~Bashar

The more you learn about your true nature; the greater your alignment with your authentic self. 
When you are truly in alignment with your authentic self the greater is your joy!

Go forth to explore your YOUniverse as you align with the divine within.

Dave Kenyon

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