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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Heart-Centered Living - A Powerful Key to Occupy Yourself

"Heart Centered Living ….. Learning to allow your personal story to unfold, trusting in your own abilities, and putting this essential practice into your daily life."  ~Tammye Dunn

In our continuing collaboration on the Occupy Yourself movement this post is dedicated to offering further insights into keys to enhancing your alignment with the divine within.

Through our continuing search we are discovering that the focus of this blog is looking at just how Occupy Yourself  allows us a vehicle through which to enhance our   working knowledge of the process of aligning with the divine within.

It is this inner search  and alignment process that establishes a platform through which to establish two-way communication with God/Source Energy.

Heart-Centered Living; a skills-set Re-Awakening within us! 

What is heart-centered living and why is it timely now?

"There has always been a longing in the human heart for a more just, free, loving and creative society. But it was never before possible to fulfill these aspirations, because we had neither the evolutionary drivers and global crises to force us to change, nor did we have the scientific and technological powers that can free us from the limitations of scarcity, poverty, disease, and ignorance. This is the time of awakening for the social potential movement." ~Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard, a renown futurist, supports the notion that now is a time of planetary enlightenment and expansion of human potentials.

Barbara is one of many enlightened voices who are pointing the way to this period, within which we are now living. This awakening phase is a timely one for those of us who are seeking enhanced alignment with our true nature and the divine within.

Yet another powerful spokesperson for insight into heart-centered living is New York Times, best selling author and explorer into the nature of mankind, Greg Braden.

Gregg's thoughts, below, offer an encapsulation of heart-centered living.

"When we form heart-centered beliefs within our bodies, in the language of physics we're creating the electrical and magnetic expression of them as waves of energy, which aren't confined to our hearts or limited by the physical barrier of our skin and bones. So clearly we're "speaking" to the world around us in each moment of every day through a language that has no words: the belief-waves of our hearts.In addition to pumping the blood of life within our bodies, we may think of the heart as a belief-to-matter translator. It converts the perceptions of our experiences, beliefs, and imagination into the coded language of waves that communicate with the world beyond our bodies. Perhaps this is what philosopher and poet John Mackenzie meant when he stated, "The distinction between what is real and what is imaginary is not one that can be finely maintained ... all existing thing are ... imaginary."
~Gregg Braden

As no less an intellect than Albert Einstein implored,
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Returning to our focus of understanding the key awareness focus for this post; Heart-centered Living.
Below is a video that gets to the core of thinking about Heart-Centered Living by Gregg Braden; author, scientist, teacher.

Ancient Understanding 


To establish a baseline for looking at Gregg's hypothesis on Heart-Centered Living; let's look at it's components.

  • "Just as ripples radiate from the place where a stone is thrown into a pool of water, our sometime-unconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs create the disturbances" in the Field that become the blueprints for our lives."~Gregg Braden  How we consciously create our individual template through which we experience 3-D Earth School is very influential in our life experience.
  • "Living as if the world out there were somehow separate from us opens the door to the belief system of judgement and the chemical expressions of that judgment in our bodies. Thus we tend to see our world in terms of good germs and bad germs, and use words such as toxins and waste to describe the by-products of the very functions that give us life. It is in such a world that our bodies may become a combat zone for forces at odds with one another, creating the biological battlegrounds that play out as illness and disease. The holistic perspective of the Essenes sees all facets of our bodies as elements of one sacred and divine force moving through creation. Each is an expression of God. In a world where all that we may know and experience originates from such a unified source, bacteria, germs, and the by-products of our bodies work together to imbue our bodies with strength and life. This view invites us to redefine the tears, perspiration, blood, and products of digestion that we have known as waste as sacred elements of the earth that have served us, rather than abhorrent by-products that must be eliminated, discarded, and destroyed."~Gregg Braden Light leads to wisdom access opportunity; embrace and savor the "side-effects"  '

To call anything in our body “junk” is na├»ve because nature would never create something that has no role in the evolution of the Universe. Our junk DNA contains the higher and more powerful strands of our DNA. These strands hold the key to our true history and evolution. The reason that they do not seem to function is because they are turned off. This is necessary because our bodies have not evolved enough yet to handle the functions of the junk DNA. At our current state of evolution, turning on big portions of our junk DNA would destroy our health. Our current bodies cannot handle the high-frequency energies that travel through our junk DNA. The only way we can turn on portions of our junk DNA without destroying our bodies is to slowly turn them on in sequences.  Scientists have known for decades that our solar system has been moving through a more energetically charged area of our galaxy, which is known as the Galactic Center. Because this section of our galaxy is more energetically charged, it is causing certain portions of our junk DNA to slowly turn on. This galactic event can cause us to have more vivid dreams, physical pains, stress, past memories recall and psychic experiences. If we are not ready to deal with these events, our lives may be very chaotic in the next few years." ~Pao L. Chang author of Staradigm: A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being

  • "It's easy to see why we struggle with our relationships; especially the primary one; the one with yourself.As we live the greatest shift in power, wealth, technology and beliefs the world has ever seen, our personal choices of cooperation and sharing become our collective answer to the crises of our shift. This Evolutionary Leadership group is simply giving a name and a focus to the cooperative movement that is emerging spontaneously throughout the world." ~Gregg Braden  Yes, essentially by awareness of your relationship with all-that-is; your template is enhanced to respond positively with the incoming frequency that is the New Earth!

Remember, fellow seekers, we are seeking individual and global enlightenment and empowerment by fostering enhanced insights that incite change that mirrors that which is now occurring through galactic upgrade of energy.

Empowering yourself involves reclaiming your personal power through your enlightened choices and relationships.

Learning to trust your heart-center can be an effective tool in reawakening both to your souls purpose and to higher wisdom and all knowledge accumulated through your numerous reincarnations; within this dimension as well as others.

Believe in yourself and the beauty of your mission; my heart to yours!