Occupy Yourself

Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Focus on what you seek; not what you fear!

When you are seeking to open yourself to new experiences, destinations, goals, aspirations; the process always involves change.

Yes, if you want your life to grow in ways that keep you smiling; what you focus upon is vital.

Most of us have been conditioned, since birth, to fit in and to get along. In other words, to conform to prevailing social norms and customs.

Since you are designed to be a co-creator with God/Source Energy; to get what you require you need to stay focused on the energetic frequency of that which you seek.

When these energetic exchanges are blocked by existing beliefs from fear-based thinking; you need to substitute love~based thoughts in their place.

Along with the deprogramming process comes your need to stay focused on that which you are seeking to express.

When you are not prepared to accept the gift, you are seeking; you may well miss it when it surfaces.

So stay love~centered and focused on what you want; not what you fear!

When you maintain a vigilant focus on what you are seeking; you provide the connection that allows your personal energy signature to harmonize with the harmonic of that which you are seeking.

When you vibrational signature and that which you are seeking are in harmony; you experience what is sought in your experience.

As you align with your inner~divine; life becomes sweeter as you are working in harmony with the flow of the universe.

Friday, May 29, 2015

A thought for today

When you focus upon and vibrationally align with the energy of unconditional love; you grow in ways that open you to greater beauty and access to your most cherished goals and aspirations.

Consider viewing all today's experiences through the lens of unconditional love and acceptance. Doing so raises your vibrational frequency and aligns you with your inner~creator; your force for good!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Story of the Pearl

Pressure may change you; it may diminish or enhance you. Perhaps learning the lesson of the pearl will help you decide which way to go.

Please take a few minutes to watch the following video, by J.Pearls, to learn just how a natural pearl is created.

As you learned, from the video, a pearl in an oyster is the result of a self-protecting process within the oyster that turns a potential problem into a beautiful gem.

If you think about the pressure you experience, in your life, might it be possible for you to transform that potential problem into a thing of beauty; a true beautiful strength?

Let us consider, together, what changes in your thoughts and emotions might active a similar process within you; transforming a problem into a promise:

  • Consider each of life's problems as opportunities to grow.
  • Make it your intention to address each of these through the lens of unconditional love.
  • Focus all your thoughts and emotions in the direction of a beautiful and life-affirming transformation.

When life challenges you; grow with unconditional love, light and beauty in mind.

Know, from your deepest belief; you deserve the very best life has to offer!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Letting go; A powerful way to grow!

Group~think attempts to persuade you that it is only through controlling people,  events and outcomes is the way to grow stronger.

This belief is self~limiting and keeps you trapped in a fear~based paradigm that leaves you being controlled by forces outside yourself while taking away your personal power.

Being able to let go of ideas, past~experiences, others and faulty beliefs that no longer serve you is the empowering way to grow authentically.

As discussed, in previous posts; living authentically is the only way to live in the 'natural state of you'

Your natural state is the way you came into the world at your birth.

I refer to this as authentic as it is the only way to live as your true self!

It is in letting go of the inauthentic that you reclaim your true power; vibrational alignment with God/Source Energy.

This is at the core of Occupying Yourself. Consciously deciding to live from authentic you!

Yes letting go is a conscious choice you must make to free yourself from the tyranny of the self~deception of group~think.

At this point, you may be wondering; how do I let go of living my life in group~think and transform to authentic thinking?

Below is a short video, by Deepak Chopra, entitled

Letting Go: How to and When