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Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year 2014: It's Time for You to Fly Free

Welcome to 2014 my friends and fellow voyagers; on our mutual journey of self-discovery!

Like the beginning of each New Year; each of us is excited by the possibilities that the new year offers.

Many of us have celebrated New Years past with the same lofty expectations for positive changes that this new year brings us today. Yet, in previous years we ended feeling frustrated that even thought the new year turned to greet us with new and bright expectations; somehow they didn't seem to materialize.

How can you and I make 2014 both unique and fulfilling in the areas of our lives that are most personally significant?

What weighs you down are beliefs and supporting emotions that don't fit with who we are; when you are aligned with your authentic~self you are free as you were designed to be.

Begin by being honest with yourself; what fear-based beliefs are you holding onto that are holding you back from your most cherished dreams and aspirations?

The greatest challenge each of us faces, when we seek positive change, is to get out of one's own way. 

As 3~D humans~being, we typically resist taking personal responsibility to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve our current consciousness and  plans for living.

These notions, although timeless, are just now emerging within the common culture as emerging enlightened thought.  

Our planet is experiencing an upgrade of vibrational energy and this quickens our perceived 'pace of life'. Plus, the consciousness~jumps, which are also occurring with greater frequency, all over Earth to aware and focused individuals and groups, signaling growing social change occurring planet wide.

Yes, many of us still cling to the notion that change is inherently bad and that all change must be experienced through the lens of our cultural stereotypes.

Aligning oneself with these mental models imprisons you to life in service to the status quo; giving up all that is authentic within you.

Is that the fate you seek for yourself; or, is it living with oneness with your authentic self? As you decide each day when you chose to acknowledge your true nature or to deny authentic living by seeking only to "fit in".

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go". ~ Herman Hesse

Letting go is a strength move and knowing when is enhanced through alignment with your authentic self!

Life will challenge you to learn to fly; you won't know just how high until you try. Letting~go is your way to grow. Trusting your inner guidance keeps you in the flow of your natural knowing authentic self!

How you view yourself is a gateway to awareness of what you are open to experience. Fear closes you off and love opens you up to who you truly are and your unique and powerful mission for this life.

You are a human angel whose life mission is Earth~centric and you have been preparing to fulfill this mission throughout all your previous incarnations upon this planet.

Your time is now; your time to fly!

“Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.” 
~ C. JoyBell 

When you let go of your old patterns of thoughts and feelings you set yourself free to be just as you were created to be.

Free to express the divine within; your Authentic You!

Everything we do
Every point we make
Every thought we think
Every step we take
Has an effect on all of life
We are creating all the time
It is time to free our minds
It is time to fly FREE
~ pamela leigh richards

Flying through your life as "authentic~you" breaks the chains of fear~based beliefs that cause disharmony in your life and affairs.

Your time is now, 2014 is your year to empower your life with love-centered authentic living and all the blessings you will receive upon making that decision:

  • Enjoy the true freedom that stems from your commitment to authentic~living.
  • Be comfortable within your own natural pace of living; it will suit you well.
  • Profit from the enhanced prosperity you experience living from your authentic plan.
  • Savor the comfort that comes with self love and acceptance.
  • Rejoice as you dance to your own beautiful music,
  • Give yourself the gift of inner~peace (Let me get you started with my video below - Peace Begins with You and Me )

Fly little bird and remember:

Love & Light,

Dave Kenyon