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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let it Go: Moving Beyond 'Frozen' Fear~Based Beliefs

Are you tired of trying to behave perfectly: of trying to look perfect;or of trying to fit in when your heart is longing for another way to live?

Perhaps what you are seeking is a way to live a more authentic life; a life that flows from your soul's plan for you.  

Fear~based beliefs push you away from your most cherished dreams and aspirations.

When your inner~matrix is populated with fear~based beliefs/constructs happiness always seems just out of your reach.

Why hold on to guilt: feelings of inadequacy; fear of intimacy; difficulty with trusting oneself; chronic worry and other fear~based beliefs that are limiting the beauty of your life~experience?  Being present and in vibrational alignment with your authentic self maximizes your happiness and life satisfaction.

But just how do I accomplish this; you might inquire?

Facing your fears is one of the keys to grow into enhanced alignment with your inner~guidance system; your inner~divine.

 The greater the alignment (trust) you have with your inner~divine; the more you experience living in a world of your souls design the greater is your happiness of your most cherished dreams; your inner~longings. 

 The things you see as problems are often driven by fear~based beliefs housed in your inner~matrix (your operating system)

Your inner~matrix responds depending upon it's attitudinal overlay; the places where your beliefs, coupled with strong emotional links, form your responses to your life experience. 

Facing your fears means looking in the mirror that is you; are you loving yourself without condition?

Are you respecting yourself; at least as much as you respect others?

Let go of your painful past; it keeps you tuned in to gloomy!

Holding on to painful emotions and thoughts constricts your freedom. Letting go of those fear~based thoughts and emotions sets you free to breath in the beauty of authentic living!

Being true to the authentic you is your way through the maze created by holding on to fear~based notions of how things should be.

When you open to your true and authentic self and are lead by those divine inner~ urgings; you are free to truly be your souls true expression.

Now ask yourself; which way do I go? Outer directed and blind to the flow or aligned with the inner~divine and the glow of true authentic living?

The choice is yours and the quality of your life is in the balance; choose wisely and in alignment with your divine within!

As a voyager seeking personal growth through seeking to align with the divine within; aligning with and learning to trust your inner~guidance system is the key to movement beyond your frozen fear-based thinking!

You have within you all you need to break through and thrive; living a life that is based upon unconditional love.

Please enjoy the following video, Let it Go

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Dave Kenyon

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Authentic Living Thoughts from Socrates and Leo Gura

The energy alignment and timing are spot on for each of us to focus upon opening up to what is genuine and authentic within and living from that awareness.

That deep knowing of who and what you are coupled with your powerful intention to bond with what is authentic will lead you toward a more enlightened worldview and experience.

"To find yourself, think for yourself." - Socrates

As Greek philosopher Socrates orated; the first step toward becoming an authentic person is owning your thoughts.

Unfortunately, we all have been living in a world culture where social conditioning is the trend and where valuing oneself as a unique sentient being has become devalued.

Social conditioning is the process of turning each of us into obedient and docile individuals who willingly fall in line with the will of special interest groups and the monied 1%ers who control the overwhelming share of wealth of the world. 

Those groups profit from society sustaining a status quo; thereby maintaining the level of influence and control they currently posses while also further enabling their strange hold on the world's monetary systems.

As each of us awakens to discover the value of personal thought and choice; she/he discovers the push-back coming from media, politicians, so-called religious leaders, and other power~brokers who are the "puppet~masters" for the existing conditions remaining in place.

Focusing upon what you want and not what you fear is one of the ancient keys to happiness and abundance of good in your life and affairs.

Fear-based beliefs are energy~negative and cause your energy stream to be out of alignment with the flows of those things, experiences and plans you are seeking to express.

It's very much like placing two of the same poles of 2 magnets together; they push away from one another.  The same occurs when you hold on to fear~based beliefs those energy vibrations are incompatible with authentic living.

Only compatible energy signatures are truly compatible and able to align with one another.

All change in your world begins with change within your perspective; how you see yourself and how you see the value~added you bring by what you contribute to the world.

Viewing yourself through loving and approving eyes and viewing the world as a place you effect through your consciously~evolving thoughts, feelings and actions brings you into a heightened state of personal mastery and relationship with the world. 

Believe in your ability to work with the 'mastermind' to fashion your world into a place that supports your most prized dreams, goals and aspirations!

"Listen, hear the sound
The child awakes
Wonder all around
The child awakes
Now in his life 
He never must be lost
No thoughts must deceive him
In life he must trust

With the eyes of a child
You must come out and see
That your world's spinning 'round
And through life you will be
A small part
Of a hope
Of a love
That exists
In the eyes of a child you will see

Earth falls far away
New life awaits
Time it has no day
New life awaits
Here is your dream 
And now how does it feel?
No words will go with you
And now what is real?

With the eyes of a child
You must come out and see
That your world's spinning 'round
And through life you will be
A small part
Of a hope
Of a love
That exists
In the eyes of a child you will see"
~MOODY BLUES, 'Eyes of a Child'

As a child views the world; through a lens of wonder, is the most compatible lens for looking at your world and offers you the benefit of enhanced vibrational alignment with that which you seek.

As you view life through the lense of wonder you experience a deeper level of awareness of what is; including an enhanced perspective on how all living things are energetically connected.

We reside in an energetically connected web of life; gaining enhanced awareness of your presence in this web changes your energy signature enabling you to align with your most cherished goals and aspirations with less resistance.

And you are...

Knowing age is not a factor enables all of us to
transform our mental models to include this lens of wonder to offer
you and me a heightened and more accurate view of all that is.

From this higher perspective we are offered enhanced awareness of potential 
life choices; the choices we make align us with the world we experience.

When you understand your personal power and you couple that with your enhanced awareness of the Oneness that exists; your experience is a happier one.

True happiness comes when what experience is what you most desire and vibrationally aligned!

The good news is; you have the inner~power to manifest that which you seek.

The so~called 'bad news' would be although you have that inner~power; to enhance your access to it you must substitute empowering beliefs for the fear~based believes that currently populate your internal web.  We all have them.

I will now modify my last paragraph above:

The more you comprehend the Law of Oneness; the greater is your understanding of the divine source of all creation of which one of it's pillar~ values is that God/source energy is infallible. The Divine Mind, being a perfect expression of love, creates only perfection.

So what I am describing above is more consistent with the notion; there are no mistakes only lessons

What we often label as mistakes are, in truth, lessons that once learned will foster your alignment with enlightened thought.

Enlightened thought offers you life perspective that foster your enhanced alignment with your soul's purpose; the central~core plan for your life.

When you cease self-judgement; you are giving yourself the gift of unconditional love which frees you to trust your inner~guidance more.

Thus there are no mistakes; only lessons.

In sum:

Socrates message is one focused upon looking at your life to offer yourself enhanced meaning and movement into higher frequencies of energy; beyond the 3rd to 4th, 5th, 6th level frequency and beyond.

Socrates did not postulate upon these higher frequencies; his thoughts and pronouncements have become directions for seeking, personal discovery and growth.

Now who is this Leo Gura you mention in the title of the post; you might ask?

Leo, pictured above, is a life coach and accomplished trainer on authentic living awareness.

To provide historical depth, for this post, I decided to juxtapose the teachings of Socrates with the following video by Leo Gura whose organization may be found on the web at http://www.actualized.org/  

Please enjoy Leo's thoughts and teachings on becoming your authentic self.

As I stressed, earlier in this post, Socrates was all about embracing change through building the new"; in this case, an enhanced relationship with "your inner~divine core; your soul.

I trust and hope that this blog post has stimulated your awareness and understanding of self~actualization or authentic living principles and how to more effectively attain personal mastery in this area.

My goal, as always, is to stimulate your thinking while opening your awareness of the benefits of authentic living and some tips, tools and techniques that will enhance your vibrational alignment with the divine within.

Please feel free to share this site or this post with whomever your inner guidance system suggests.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Enlightenment: Tune into the light within

Much has been written and discussed by scholars, religious~figures, mystics, and mankind about the nature of enlightenment. This dialog will continue as we seek "the light of consciousness"

Alignment with the Divine Within is the continued focus of this blog.  My exploration of this divine alignment of self and God/source energy has fostered my own personal awakening. 

An awakening I am experiencing in stages which I feel is quite a common experience. 

Each stage begins in a state of discomfort; leading to acknowledgment of your ability to foster needed change through enhanced alignment with your inner~guidance matrix. 

Your experience, as you change focus, coupled with your empowered sense of self, draws into your awareness new and vital opportunities/relationships to engage with. These opportunities/relationships lead to further growth and happiness.

You, and only you, have the power to align with and turn up the power of your inner~light through regular and focused journeys within. 

In your 3~D energy~centric conditioned~focus, your 'reality' expresses your emotion~laden thoughts as your life's experiences.

As you awaken, your life experience is tempered through your enlightened perspective which makes access to 5th and 6th dimensions and beyond a more common and comfortable experience.

"You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." ~Buddha 

Yet another aspect of your enlightenment is your ability to practice unconditional love with yourself.  To love yourself without condition sets the stage for your experience of higher dimensional thought or enlightened thinking.

The more you practice loving yourself without the overlay of any judgmental self~speak; the greater is your vibrational alignment with your inner~divine matrix which expresses your soul~design for this life. 

"Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul."  ~Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Your soul is the seat of power for the divine within. Your soul maintains the divine design for who you are and what you are here to accomplish in this life. Your soul is your compass that keeps you aligned with authentic you!

The greater your vibrational alignment with your soul/inner~divine matrix; the greater expression of your authentic self you witness in your life and relationships.

As focused upon and fortified within by powerful emotional anchors; your creations are reflected in your life experience. The hologram, which is the out-picturing of the mix of your dreams and fears, appears to you as if that was all there is.

Yet that is an illusion fostered by 3~D dimensional experience. When your perceptions are limited to 3~D; the hologram represents your reality. 

With enhanced perspective, you will see. more and more, the underpinnings of the structure of what is. Avoiding falling prey to fewer conditioned fear~based beliefs. On this continuum, the more love energy you allow in the greater your alignment with authentic you and your happiness which are truly one in the same.

"The lightness of being or joy begins with authenticity, and this means letting go of who we think we are, leaving more room in present time to find out who we really are — and letting that new identity emerge." 
~Lama Surya Das

"We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light." 
 ~Evelyn Dunbar

As you open to your 'light' you experience a 'lightness of being'; a passion that flows through everything you do. This dance with your light is the enlightenment you are longing for.

When you awaken each morning begin your dance by going within and aligning with your divine inner~matrix/soul; feel the rhythm and let it define your day as you express from Authentic You!

Dave Kenyon

As a special treat for you; please enjoy the beautiful video, Pleiades, featuring performance & choreography by Saya Watatani & Maki Yokoyama and music by Nobuyuki Hanabusad.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome to Your YOUniverse

Welcome fellow traveler to a search for meaning. For this post, we will explore what Bashar, a channeled being of extraterrestrial origin, calls the YOUniverse. "You are creating your version of everything you experience so that you are able to relate to it; your YOUniverse." ~Bashar

'You are the "you" niverse…the "you" niverse is only made up of "you", and that's all you'll ever find in your particular "you" niverse…is you, your expression of the Infinite.' ~Bashar

What Bashar calls your YOUniverse is your point of entry or portal to awareness of all that is.

We each have "lenses of perception"; these lenses color our view of what we experience by limiting our perceptions of the field of infinite possibility by imposing the limitations defined by our individual belief system.

Social conditioning is one of the vehicles through which we develop our perceptional preferences.

The social groups we are exposed to, beginning as a child, craft our individual perceptions or our "view of the world."

The greater our social conditioning influences; the more we view our experience through lenses of distorted special~interest belief systems, that  move us away from inner~direction to outer~direction. 

What are you able to do to move your perception away from your social conditioning and back to authentic thought which is where you began at your birth?

A central core key to reclaiming your authentic life is self~trust; a do-it-yourself exercise. And, one you are very capable of achieving through your inner-resources.

"The world can only change from within." ~Eckhart Tolle

And you are the one and only true influence upon the direction your life will take. May sure your life choices are affirming of the best life has to offer and what is authentic for you.

 As you view the  Bashar video on YOUniverse below; please consider the following:

  • What in my life and thoughts reflects the authentic me?
  • What aptitudes do I possess that come to me naturally and effortlessly?
  • What activities did I enjoy most as a child?

"You are an aperture through which the Universe is looking at and exploring itself!"

 Your YOUniverse is also the portal through which you explore all aspects of the universe; through a lens which provides you with the perspective that only you need to make sense of your experience.

"Do you understand that there is only one thing to discover in the unknown and that is more of yourself? ~Bashar

The more you learn about your true nature; the greater your alignment with your authentic self. 
When you are truly in alignment with your authentic self the greater is your joy!

Go forth to explore your YOUniverse as you align with the divine within.

Dave Kenyon

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year 2014: It's Time for You to Fly Free

Welcome to 2014 my friends and fellow voyagers; on our mutual journey of self-discovery!

Like the beginning of each New Year; each of us is excited by the possibilities that the new year offers.

Many of us have celebrated New Years past with the same lofty expectations for positive changes that this new year brings us today. Yet, in previous years we ended feeling frustrated that even thought the new year turned to greet us with new and bright expectations; somehow they didn't seem to materialize.

How can you and I make 2014 both unique and fulfilling in the areas of our lives that are most personally significant?

What weighs you down are beliefs and supporting emotions that don't fit with who we are; when you are aligned with your authentic~self you are free as you were designed to be.

Begin by being honest with yourself; what fear-based beliefs are you holding onto that are holding you back from your most cherished dreams and aspirations?

The greatest challenge each of us faces, when we seek positive change, is to get out of one's own way. 

As 3~D humans~being, we typically resist taking personal responsibility to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve our current consciousness and  plans for living.

These notions, although timeless, are just now emerging within the common culture as emerging enlightened thought.  

Our planet is experiencing an upgrade of vibrational energy and this quickens our perceived 'pace of life'. Plus, the consciousness~jumps, which are also occurring with greater frequency, all over Earth to aware and focused individuals and groups, signaling growing social change occurring planet wide.

Yes, many of us still cling to the notion that change is inherently bad and that all change must be experienced through the lens of our cultural stereotypes.

Aligning oneself with these mental models imprisons you to life in service to the status quo; giving up all that is authentic within you.

Is that the fate you seek for yourself; or, is it living with oneness with your authentic self? As you decide each day when you chose to acknowledge your true nature or to deny authentic living by seeking only to "fit in".

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go". ~ Herman Hesse

Letting go is a strength move and knowing when is enhanced through alignment with your authentic self!

Life will challenge you to learn to fly; you won't know just how high until you try. Letting~go is your way to grow. Trusting your inner guidance keeps you in the flow of your natural knowing authentic self!

How you view yourself is a gateway to awareness of what you are open to experience. Fear closes you off and love opens you up to who you truly are and your unique and powerful mission for this life.

You are a human angel whose life mission is Earth~centric and you have been preparing to fulfill this mission throughout all your previous incarnations upon this planet.

Your time is now; your time to fly!

“Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.” 
~ C. JoyBell 

When you let go of your old patterns of thoughts and feelings you set yourself free to be just as you were created to be.

Free to express the divine within; your Authentic You!

Everything we do
Every point we make
Every thought we think
Every step we take
Has an effect on all of life
We are creating all the time
It is time to free our minds
It is time to fly FREE
~ pamela leigh richards

Flying through your life as "authentic~you" breaks the chains of fear~based beliefs that cause disharmony in your life and affairs.

Your time is now, 2014 is your year to empower your life with love-centered authentic living and all the blessings you will receive upon making that decision:

  • Enjoy the true freedom that stems from your commitment to authentic~living.
  • Be comfortable within your own natural pace of living; it will suit you well.
  • Profit from the enhanced prosperity you experience living from your authentic plan.
  • Savor the comfort that comes with self love and acceptance.
  • Rejoice as you dance to your own beautiful music,
  • Give yourself the gift of inner~peace (Let me get you started with my video below - Peace Begins with You and Me )

Fly little bird and remember:

Love & Light,

Dave Kenyon