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Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

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Welcome to my Authentic Voice Productions Videos page.  Please enjoy each and feel free to share them with your friends!

Namaste, Dave

Happiness, as defined by each of us, is what we truly seek in life.
Happiness is within your control and mine.

Aligning, vibrationally, with the energy signature of that which you are dreaming of or seeking to experience is a key feature of living an authentic life filled with loving joy and harmony.

Please take a few minutes of your valuable time to connect with some ideas that may resonate with where your soul~journey is taking you.

Authentic Happiness; 
it's Your Choice!

Authentic You;
Shine Your Way!

When it comes down to it; living authentically, is the natural way to grow throughout your life.  Social conditioning has hidden our natural alignment with our divine souls; as well as deconditioning us from our natural vibrational alignment with both nature and our true individual nature.

This current state of our mental models are in need of cleansing and our authentic alignments need a rebooting.

Please enjoy

Authentic You;
Shine Your Way 

Your Authentic Place in the Choir

Your authentic voice is needed to upgrade the community dialog and better reflect the type of worldview that your soul is guiding you to align with.

No one else has your unique point of view and using your authentic voice, into the ongoing dialog is vital; at this time!

Let the River of Love 
Run Through You

Love flows, like a river; connecting loving source energy with all that are in vibrational alignment with it.

The greater your intention to experience unconditional love; the more you are in the divine flow of love!

Peace and Harmony; Discover Yours within Authentic You!

In order to live in a world of peace and harmony; you must be at peace within. The greater your alignment with peace and harmony; the more your world will reflect peace and harmony.

 Lead with Your Heart

In our current culture you and I tend to lead with our minds. This method of self-direction often involves way too much ego which will lead away from your souls wishes.

When you lead with your heart; your life is an expression of your souls loving way to approach life.

Our Beautiful Earth;
 Oneness Field

Our beautiful Earth is a 'oneness field'; everything connected to the whole.
Our current culture model reflects individualism and yet the new emerging paradigm reflects oneness; as it was for our aboriginal ancestors.

When oneness is your focus; you soon realize your interconnectedness to all that is. This provides you with a level of empathy that leads to changes in the way you behave toward all Earths inhabitants; animal, other human-animals and all the rest of what we refer to as nature.

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