Occupy Yourself

Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy & Harmonious New Year 2016 -Allowing Vunerability to be your way to authenticity

As you  ponder your life experience during 2015 and consider what lies ahead for you on 2016 lets consider the benefits of a commitment to living from an authentic living perspective.

First lets begin with a working definition of authenticity. I selected professor and best selling author Brene Brown to provide us with this understanding.

Since this definition focuses on choices we make lets consider benefits that would accrue to you by making more enlightened life choices:
  • Increased happiness.  Happiness is a result of your dreams and your reality being in alignment.
  • Enhanced self-confidence. When how you think and what you do conform to what is natural for you; belief in self soars.
  • Reduced stress. Stress is the tension between who you are, at your core, and how you act. When your actions are supported by your core values life is sweeter. Live with courage!
Brene is a researcher and focuses on aspects of authenticity; like the power of vulnerability. Here is what Brene has to say about vulnerability.
 Please invest some of your valuable time and watch Brene's TED talk video below to increase your awareness of how allowing yourself to be more vulnerable positively impacts your ability to live with authenticity!  

I hope you discovered benefit in todays post and are encouraged to see clearly that

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