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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let it Go: Moving Beyond 'Frozen' Fear~Based Beliefs

Are you tired of trying to behave perfectly: of trying to look perfect;or of trying to fit in when your heart is longing for another way to live?

Perhaps what you are seeking is a way to live a more authentic life; a life that flows from your soul's plan for you.  

Fear~based beliefs push you away from your most cherished dreams and aspirations.

When your inner~matrix is populated with fear~based beliefs/constructs happiness always seems just out of your reach.

Why hold on to guilt: feelings of inadequacy; fear of intimacy; difficulty with trusting oneself; chronic worry and other fear~based beliefs that are limiting the beauty of your life~experience?  Being present and in vibrational alignment with your authentic self maximizes your happiness and life satisfaction.

But just how do I accomplish this; you might inquire?

Facing your fears is one of the keys to grow into enhanced alignment with your inner~guidance system; your inner~divine.

 The greater the alignment (trust) you have with your inner~divine; the more you experience living in a world of your souls design the greater is your happiness of your most cherished dreams; your inner~longings. 

 The things you see as problems are often driven by fear~based beliefs housed in your inner~matrix (your operating system)

Your inner~matrix responds depending upon it's attitudinal overlay; the places where your beliefs, coupled with strong emotional links, form your responses to your life experience. 

Facing your fears means looking in the mirror that is you; are you loving yourself without condition?

Are you respecting yourself; at least as much as you respect others?

Let go of your painful past; it keeps you tuned in to gloomy!

Holding on to painful emotions and thoughts constricts your freedom. Letting go of those fear~based thoughts and emotions sets you free to breath in the beauty of authentic living!

Being true to the authentic you is your way through the maze created by holding on to fear~based notions of how things should be.

When you open to your true and authentic self and are lead by those divine inner~ urgings; you are free to truly be your souls true expression.

Now ask yourself; which way do I go? Outer directed and blind to the flow or aligned with the inner~divine and the glow of true authentic living?

The choice is yours and the quality of your life is in the balance; choose wisely and in alignment with your divine within!

As a voyager seeking personal growth through seeking to align with the divine within; aligning with and learning to trust your inner~guidance system is the key to movement beyond your frozen fear-based thinking!

You have within you all you need to break through and thrive; living a life that is based upon unconditional love.

Please enjoy the following video, Let it Go

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Dave Kenyon