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Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Living in the land of Make Believe

My friend and fellow seeker; today's post focuses upon the benefits of learning to live in the land of make believe as you did naturally as a child.

What does intuition have to do with aligning with your inner divine and thriving with a child~like perspective?

Learning from within
; how do you effectively engage with this process?

Just how might you tap into your intuition, at will?

Listening within to your intuition; just how do you embrace this idea?

Yes, your soul is your inner~link with the divine! Learning to hear that whisper~soft voice and trust in it's feedback is your task.

Yes throughout recorded time we revisit this notion that the secret to genius lies within your relationship with seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

Your imagination is your creative playground where you turn your intuitive feelings into designs for living. All things created were first active in someone's imagination. 

Our social~conditioning has moved us away from trusting in our intuition and imagination as tools of creation; which they were intended to be by The Creator.

Returning your focus from a conditioned response to your authentic soul~guidance is where your challenge in this life is focused.

Now is your time to address your answer to Rumi's quotation below:

Imagine, for a moment, how you might employ your authentic consciousness mindset of viewing your world though the lens of the innocent child you were at your birth into this life.

Imagine your joy as you live your life from this enlightened perspective?

Now let's enjoy some music, by The Moody Blues, to reinforce this mental move into realignment with our inner~child and the creation tool of Imagination!


Be the creator you are meant to be!!!