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Monday, December 17, 2012

2012-Aligning With Your Divine Within - A Mayan Perspective

As we fast approach the time when the ancient Mayans forecast the coming of a new age for this planet; confusion seems to be a constant.

What will happen? Is this the end of the world? Or, is it the end of the world we have been accustomed to living within; our current paradigm?

As you wrestle with placing yourself in position to be included in the paradigm shift; how do your thoughts, feelings and actions determine which experience will be yours going forward?

"Human beings are made of body, mind and spirit.
Of these, spirit is primary,
for it connects us to the source of everything,
the eternal field of consciousness."
~Deepak Chopra

As you focus your attention upon understanding the current shift in consciousness; look at how your current thoughts, feelings and actions are either in alignment with this new emerging paradigm or are misaligned with these emerging energy patterns.

How you think, emote and make choices determines how you ride this wave; if you are focused upon love, peace, harmony, oneness, and alignment with authentic you then you are riding the wave.

If not, you may miss the wave altogether.

“It's not the world that needs to change - it's our consciousness we must raise”
~Rasheed Ogunlaru

Yes, your awakening and mine, are subject to how much the individual consciousness is resonant  or non-resonate with the emerging new paradigm.

Make no mistake...


As we awaken to the energies of the emerging paradigm, we discover our focus moves from the outside in to the inside out.

Seeking a leader to follow vs. being the leader you seek in our own life.

This awakening is urging you and me to go within to find our natural/authentic alignment. To connect and align with source energy and flow with the vibrational energies of the new; as we move away from the old notions that no longer serve us.

How do you and I recognize this 'Spiritual Awakening'; when it's occuring?

Please check out the symptoms below; how many of these are you currently experiencing?


If you are currently experiencing any or all of these symptoms of experiencing a spiritual awakening; now is the time for actions within the rehlm of your thoughts and feelings. These are the primary 2 areas where your attention may yield positive live-changing results.

You have dominion over your thoughts and emotions and you are able, with training, to effect proactive changes that will enhance your life ourcomes through enhanced vibrational alignment with your natural/authentic self!

Below you will find a two-part video that aligns with what 2012 is about.

Not as many have expressed, is it the end of the world at hand. What you and I as spiritually aware and open to expanded consciousness will experience is highlighted in the powerful two-part video below.

Please relax and open yourself to

2012 - A Message of Hope, Part 1


2012 - A message of hope, Part 2

Many people have spoken of the mysteries of The Maya and their methods of study of long-term global change.

Many points of view have emerged and yet they tend to embrace either fear-based "the world is ending" thought forms or expansive heart-centered focus upon an Awakening occurring within our collective consciousness thought forms.

Now it's time to hear from an ancient Mayan decendant, Ac Tah.

In his book “The Night of the Last Katun"  Ac Tah reveals the circumstances surrounding the departure /disappearance of his Mayan ancestors and of their plan to return.
Please take a few minutes to allow for your consciousness to expand in relationship with what the Mayans see as what will ocur on 12/21/12 and beyond.

Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012


When you follow what the Mayan's are looking at for 12/21/12 you will see one way for you to participate in the consciousness expansion which is the core of the paradigm shift.

Thus you can participate in the coming change of consciousness in a way which is consistant with the Mayan intent and expand your personal consciousness to become a part of the change by becoming a "human magnet"!