Occupy Yourself

Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Letting others in on who you truly are

Epictetus, Greek philosopher (55 AD to 135 AD), authored the above quotation that speaks to our focus for this post.

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." 
 ~Galileo Galilei 

Eminent scientist Galileo understood that people want to learn; however, they wont be pushed.

From the time of your birth you were eager to discover your world.
When you were born you approached everything in this manner..

As a child you embraced your developing life experience; learning, in the first 2 years of your life more than you will learn in the rest (according to child development professionals)

You engaged with your environment; exploration and experience became an important part of each day.

Also, at this time began your exposure to cultural conditioning; programming designed to make you compliant with the dominant themes of your culture.

The people who make up your environment often believe that...

Thus, the longer you live the more exposure you have to this conditioning. that pushes you away from authentic you!

In most cases, the people who make up your environment do not mean you harm; they to are conditioned to behave in the manner they do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson. American author and lecturer said it this way;

Yet to be true to authentic you is the most to noble cause to which you may aspire!

And, as Emerson elaborated,

Being at peace with yourself involves being true to your authentic nature; anything else brings stress and anxiety to you  as your inner yearnings and outer expression are in conflict.

A key to living authentically is to understand that living a values driven life fosters authenticity; if those values are derived from the urging of your divine soul.

When how you live your life is aligned with the wishes of your divine soul you are living authentically.

When you live your life with authenticity; the way in which you live and interact with others, and more importantly, yourself allows others to see clearly who you are.

In a highly conditioned world, like ours; living from authenticity stands out.
In addition, people who encounter you sense this authenticity and react from a deeper level of awareness.  

This comes from the acknowledgement of one soul by another.

When you live with authenticity you feel alive and energized by life.

This river you experience is your alignment with God/Source Energy through your divine soul.

Others you meet will sense this inner flow of light and unconditional love and will respond in kind; from within their own level of authenticity alignment.

Thus the best way to express what you believe, to others, is through how you live your life; embody it!