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Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let the River of Love Run Through You!

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'Let the River of Love Run Through You'

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to 2015: Go Within to WIN!

What do you want in 2015?

“At the center of your being 
you have the answer; 
you know who you are 
and you know what you want.” 
~Lao Tzu

Welcome to 2015, my dear friends and fellow spiritual voyagers. 2015 will offer each of us an important choice; to remain in the state of reaction or to move into the new energy of creation.

Many of us, have become zombie-like through social conditioning designed to create a docile society which will fall in line with the needs of the world power elite. This is the fading old paradigm.

 This outer-directed thought encourages each of us to seek leadership from perceived powerful others while discounting our own true value.

"Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we'll need no other light."  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The time is now and it's your choice; a timely and vital choice that will effect your experience moving forward.

You may elect to ride the waves of the old energy or align with the emerging energy of love and light.

What is holding you down? Could it be that you are holding on to the comfortable at the expense of the authentic?

Are you living through beliefs that were given you at the expense of what your soul knows to be true?

If this is your struggle; 2015 offers you a time to decide. The choices you make in 2015 will keep you energetically aligned with the old or moving forward with your souls purpose for you!

"Your divine soul is the storehouse for information as to your purpose and mission in this life."  ~Carolyn Myss

Vibrational~alignment with your divine soul aligns you on all levels with the God~source within; from which both the spark of idea and the power to make the idea manifest are omni~present.

"The voice of your soul is your inner guidance system – your intuition. Listen closely and it will tell you how to turn your highest potential into reality."~Susan Rueppel

To the degree you are in vibrational~alignment with your soul is the degree of alignment you experience with your mission and life's purpose; as well as whatever else you seek.

In short, the universe wants you to WIN!

Just what defines this WIN I am speaking of here?

Yes, when you go inside and align with your divine soul you are aligning with the vibrational frequency of 'Wisdom Inside your true Nature'!

This dynamic connection to God/Source Energy is available to each of us if this becomes our focused~ intention.

To help you focus upon the beauty, in life, you will be accessing as your inward journey of self-discovery continues; please enjoy the video below by Sting; 'let Your Soul be Your Pilot' 

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As always, remember, you deserve the very best life has to offer;
living authentically in alignment with your divine soul!