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Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Got Intuition?

As we explore further into the concepts of Occupy Yourself and Align with the Divine Within; lets embrace the inner guidance tool, intuition.

For the purpose of this post, I will focus upon intuition's role as an aspect of the inner guidance system.  However, as you embrace the totality of intuition you will soon discover; it's much, much more.

As Einstein's quote, above, reflects; we are at a place in today's society where we have lost sight of our own personal value and are unaligned with the most powerful aspects of ourselves.

We are being constantly culturally-influenced, in the direction of fear-based belief systems. This socialization process has, over time, caused a misalignment with the natural relationship with our inner guidance system. 

We naturally link to the divinity of God/Source Energy through the process of going within.

When this natural process is frustrated or denied; there is disharmony within all of our relationships. The most profound effect is experienced at the primary level; that vital relationship with yourself.

To Occupy Yourself you will need to be able to access your inner resources on a regular and sustained basis. The degree of alignment with those resources depends upon the development of your relationship with yourself and that is maintained and sustained through the energy of unconditional love and acceptance.

"Love is a vibrational frequency.  It is our direct channel to The Source.  When we can tune into that higher energy vibration we are closer to our True Selves." ~Robert Burney 

Raising your vibrational frequency through the lens of unconditional love also allows for you to have an enhanced relationship with God/Source Energy.

This link with source is found through going within.  

"Why we raise our vibrational frequency? Again, in basic terms, we raise our vibrational frequency to be in better alignment with our inner knowing. We raise our vibrational frequency to be clearer and grounded in the present moment, in our bodies." ~Carolyn Gwiazdzinski, author, A Training Manual for Empathic Living

As we look at this notion of inner knowing; the inner-resource of intuition must be addressed. Intuition, like many of our other inner resources is often misunderstood.

To clear up some of this confusion, let me present Birkan Tore, intuitive and spiritual teacher, who is the vibrant soul who authored, 
“Rise and Shine: A spiritual wake-up call for sleeping beauties”

To learn more about Birkan, visit his web presence; the healing space at

In the video below, Birkan walks us through his insights into the nature of intuition. 
I hope you enjoy his relaxed and loving manner as he explores:

Got Intuition?

As I reflected earlier, in this post; this is an initial view of the benefits associated with  an enhanced relationship with your intuition.

As you embrace a loving relationship with your intuition; you will have yet another valuable alley in your quest for aligning with the divine within.

Remember, focus upon that which you can effect; your feelings and your thoughts.
Once your feelings and thoughts are in alignment with your core values and the frequency of unconditional love you thrive.

Here's to greater insight that incites your enlightenment!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Openhand: "Occupy Yourself"

As we begin our look into the Occupy Yourself consciousness movement; let's hear from some of it's key spokespersons and get a perspective from each.
Our first is

Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net

Chris Bourne is one of the founders of Openhand ( a UK not-for-profit group) and in the video below, Chris sets forth an understanding of the Occupy Yourself movement and it's relationship with consciousness expansion.

"The Enlightenment of Mankind is causing the very fabric of our old fear based reality to fracture and fragment. We’re shaking off the shackles of conditioning and limitation. We’re going deep into the heart, peeling away that which no longer serves and ascending into a new vibrational paradigm, here and now, all around us.
Openhand is helping to unite evolving people around a common sense of purpose and destiny. It is one that we can all feel within, when we peel away the internal barriers and surrender to the natural flow of the universe. Mankind’s Ascension is the miracle solution to all our current problems, we just have to let go and choose it." ~Openhand Foundation


"There is a natural flow through all
events and circumstances in our lives...

~Chris Bourne

Our planet is in process of evolution that will bring us into alignment with the deepest meaning of who we are and what our divine purpose is, at this time.

Occupy yourself is an expression of our individual and collective now and involves enhanced understanding of how each of us has a vital role in what is unfolding as beings experiencing a movement in consciousness from 3D worldview to 4th, 5th dimensional frequency and beyond.

It's time for each of us to take stock in our own personal perspective of the ongoing changes and to make sure that our narrative reflects alignment with the direction our higher self is urging us toward.

“If you are still fighting the system,
you are still caught within it”
- David Icke

The Occupy Yourself consciousness movement is not about rebellion; it's about personal and global transformation.

For what we fight grows stronger through our attention to it.

"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
looks outside, dreams;
who looks
inside, awakes."
Carl Jung

This sacred time now is about transformation; an awakening of each to our true nature and inheritance. 

Transformation is an inside-out experience; discovering our true center-point and reflecting that reality through our thoughts, words, emotions and deeds.

Welcome to your future which flows freely from your unique loving nature; welcome to Occupy Yourself a consciousness transformation stream whose time is now and whose effects free you from the bondage of fear-based belief systems which have held you in bondage.