Occupy Yourself

Occupy Yourself
Occupy Yourself

Friday, September 4, 2015

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Today's powerful thought, above, reminds each of us to develop your relationship with your intuition to a point where it is your very best and most trusted friend.

Your intuition is aligned with both your soul and your Higher Self.  

Your active acknowledgement and alignment with your intuition fosters direct contact with God/Source~ Energy and your soul's plan for this life experience.

The greater your vibrational~alignment with your authentic self the more effective will be your connection with and trust in your intuition; the soft~messenger from your soul/higher consciousness connection.

Learning to trust your intuition is a process.  When you were a young child you acted from your authentic self and after years of social conditioning you moved more toward outer directed thinking.

Outer directed thinking is fear based and is bound in approval seeking.  Inner-directed thinking is coming from the authentic place where the natural you is found,

Moving from outer to inner direction is the authentic way to happiness and inner peace.
It provides a foundation for the platform for the unique and beautiful you to express.

It frees you to be who you were created to be; where you are free to be you and I am free to me!

Being in vibrational alignment with your intuition removes you from the control of social conditioning and sets you free.

When you truly trust your intuition you are truly free from the dictates of social conditioning that has held you hostage and prevented you from living your life authentically!

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  1. Thanks Dave, for the wisdom you've shared in a beautiful, simple way here.
    Love and Light, Joanna. xxx